Mohammad-Ali Bandzar
Hello friends,
My name is Mohammad-Ali Bandzar. I'm currently a second year student at the University of Toronto. In my freetime I like to read about true crime, I'm currently reading the Zodiac by Robert Graysmith. Below you will see some blog posts i've written for fun, at the bottom of this site will include ways of getting in touch. This site was originally created as part of a highschool computer science class project, but I've decided to keep the website up as it garners approx 800 unique visitors a month according to Cloudflare. Its also a great conversation starter at job interviews.
Noteworthy Writing
Hacking the Medium partner program

This is the journey detailing how my name was added to humans.txt for scoring my first bug bounty, a severity 2 one at that!

Probability and Statistics - The Science of Uncertainty, Second Edition CHAPTER 2 Solutions

I have digitized some of my solutions to this textbook chapter, I hope people find this useful

What are vertical asymptotes

What a vertical asymptote is, how we can verify that we have found one and how to formally define the vertical asymptote

How to locate vertical asymptotes within a function

This article is all about how to find vertical asymtotes in both rational and trig functions and talks about the different stratagies used to find vertical asymptotes

The product rule for derivatives(including proof)

Learn how to use the product rule for derivatives, the proof behind the rule and how the rule can be scaled up to more that 2 functions.

The power rule for derivatives

Learn how to take derivatives of powers

An introduction to Mathamatical limts

ever wonder how to solve for the value of a function at a hole, well heres your chance

An introduction to horizontal asymptotes

the magic behind where lines go beyond the graphing calculators display

An introduction to factorials(n!)

Ever wonder what that weird math exclaimation mark was, well now you can learn

US Energy Consumption per Capita By State

A Visualization of US power consumtion per capita(per person) By state. Data from 2016

Don't Fear OOP

A beginners guide to OOP programming and data structures in Java. Based on a story about Spongebob

OOP Tutorial

A beginners guide to OOP programming and data structures in Java.


A beginners guide to Recursion in Java.


A beginners guide to arrays with Java.


A beginners guide to sorting with Java.


A beginners guide to searching with Java.


A beginners guide to polymorphism with Java.


A beginners guide to abstraction with Java.

Race To Litercy - ICS4U0 Final Project

A game I designed for my highschool AP comp sci class final project

All my more recent written work can be found on my Medium account HERE

Get in Touch

Below is a list of websites im on, the best way to reach out to me would be by Email

Feel free to reach out for any reason by email, I generally respond same day